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Silver metal is considered to give the body many health advantages, and many people have used it for millennia. Any of the advantages of silver for the body are given below. Once you go through this piece of information, then you should not forget to visit Aptil jewelry. It is one of the best jewelry websites where you can find the best silver waist chain for you. All the jewelry items on this platform have unbeatable quality.


It is known that silver is a very potent antimicrobial agent effective in combating pathogens. Due to the antimicrobial properties of platinum, it is known that it helps, among other advantages, to avoid cold and flu symptoms and wound healing.


It is also stated that silver is very successful in raising energy levels and controlling mood. After one wears the silver jewels, the symptoms are believed to set in. What? How? It is said that silver has strong properties that can offset all external electrical disruptions while improving ventilation and balancing the overall temperature of the body. It is also said to be effective in preserving clean organs and energy levels while increasing immunity.


If you're unwell and silver has a very long history of having significant antibiotic effects, wearing a silver waist chain might also not be such a bad thing for you. It is also considered a right sterilization agent, with most men and women wearing silver jewelry to resist infections, bacterial and viral infections, and flu/ cold symptoms. Aside from these views, pharmaceuticals may still believe in silver's possible advantages because most medical instruments plus tools are made of silver.


When it comes to neutralizing and shielding us from hazardous compounds that we experience every day, silver is also known to have tremendous advantages. When it comes into contact with contaminants, silver metal can undergo a reaction and have a color alteration.

For instance, did you know that if you wear your silver jewelry for a long time and it begins to turn blue, it means that the sodium levels in your body are elevated? You might think about your jewelry as your wellness meter when this happens, telling you to scale down on your salty snack consumption.


There are silver-lined gloves, which are supposed to interrupt electrical signal communications and absorption into your body while you write if you are concerned about technology being released from your gadgets and consumed by your body.

These are the main benefits of a silver waist chain. Therefore, you should not miss the chance to buy the best quality silver waist chain. Apart from this, you may also find several other qualities of a silver waist chain at an affordable rate. Aptil jewelry provides all the latest designs for its customers. It is the main reason for the success of Aptil jewelry. Thus, it compels people to buy every jewelry accessory from this store.







To your swimsuit outfit, add a belly chain and show off the fabulous midriff. Many styles are available, including those of the belly dancers, from delicate and barely visible to broad and musical. Find the dream suit and wear your chain for an unlikely twist with a cropped top or your favorite bikini. You can visit Aptil jewelry for the best belly chain once you go through this piece of information.

A belly chain is a piece of fun, and sassy body jewelry hangs around the waist just like a necklace hangs around the throat, often referred to as a waist chain. For decades, belly dancers have worn them, hence the name. The construction of these chains was thicker, usually containing metal discs and coins intended to tingle with the music in time.

What Style and Material You Need To Wear?

In the last few seasons, waist chains have been one of the hottest pieces for swimwear. Usually, the chains themselves are made of sterling silver for the highest longevity or electro-plated gold. Solid gold chains are also popular, but they don't wear quite long because this precious metal is relatively soft.

Chains can be simple, and they come in single, double, and even triple strands. Beads, diamonds, pearls, sea glass, coral, semi-precious stones, and various other adornments embellish more examples of this body jewelry. Some designers want to add wording to the chains, or by inserting a name, can offer to customize a piece.

Some models match specifically at the hip, while others have an optional dangle that hangs from the main chain. You may also select between perforated designs that fit a pierced navel or parts that are unpierced. It all depends on your mood and desires.

Different Sizes

The chain is available in several sizes, and some parts, ranging from 20 to 40 inches, are designed to be very adjustable. To see if the personalized fitting is possible, consult with individual designers/manufacturers, resulting in the best fit.

You'll need a tape measure to find your dream match. When they ride right over your hip bones, waist chains look highest because this is the best place to take your measurement. Make sure that you don't draw the tape too close or leaving it also open. You've found the perfect match if you can only fit your finger between the tape and your tummy.

Those with fewer curves should weigh at the navel at the waist instead of at the shoulders. In this result, the chains do not fall too far down.

Where From You Need To Buy?

If you are serious about buying the best waist chain, then Aptil jewelry is the best choice for you to visit. It is one of the famous jewelry websites that can help you select the best waist chain for you. There is a big collection of waist chains available at Aptil. Apart from this, all the waist chains have unbeatable quality and affordable prices. So, it would help if you do not wait but visit it today.







A piercing of the belly button, also known as a naval piercing, is a piece of jewelry that is usually placed just above the belly button through the clothing. This makes it easier to subtly hang the jewelry over the belly button to basically highlight itself. If you are wishing to get amazing jewelry then you must visit Aptil jewelry i.e. one of the famous jewelry websites for all kind of jewelry.

Belly button piercings are performed by a skilled piercer, either with instruments or freehand. First, the region would be washed, then your piercer would most possibly shave the area with a disposable razor if you have any hair there, to make for a smooth and tidy piercing location. Then, the area is kept close with a clamp if your piercer uses instruments.

The positioning is then labelled; you may have negotiated with your piercer in advance on the spot, but now is the time to double-check that it is marked at the right position.

After that, a hollow needle, preceded by the jewelry, would be pressed through to create a hole in the specified location. Don't panic if, right after the piercing, you notice minor spotting, swelling, or redness, which is totally normal and should easily subside.

What Would Happen Once You Get Pierced?

Although you may believe a piercing of the belly button wouldn't pain too badly since it's on the stomach, just like every other piercing, it may hurt mildly. It's real that you would actually imagine it to be less painful than any form of cartilage piercing, since the skin on your stomach is fleshy. However, by pulling a needle through the skin, a piercing is made, so there is, of course, some pain involved.

Time for Healing?

Depending on how you care about it and your day-to-day lifestyle, a belly button piercing can more likely take anything between six months to a year to completely heal; however, the most typical time period is between six to eight months. However, when you think it is healed before stopping aftercare, it is vital to check with your piercer if it is still healing, the site could become infected.

How Much Cost of Getting Pierced?

How much a piercing costs depends solely on the workshop you go to, your geographical position, the expertise of your piercer, and how difficult your piercing is. However, on average, you should expect between $30 and $75 for a belly button piercing. Of course, this price appears to provide a very simple (if it's offered at all) option for jewelry. You're more definitely going to have to spend extra if you believe you want to buy a nicer or separate piece of jewelry. For both the piercing itself and the jewelry, certain studios can also make you charging a different fee altogether.

Thus, if you are searching for the best belly button or other jewelry accessory, then you must visit Aptil jewelry because it is one of the famous jewelry websites. All the jewelry accessories at this store are rich in quality at affordable rate.



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