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free shipping this Week On order over $75

About Us

Aptil Jewelery was founded in 2020, they successfully introduced the concept of high quality, flawlessly crafted jewellery at affordable prices. Aptil Jewelery is Israel’s finest & largest fashion jewellery destination with a robust online presence. We always take pride in its commitment to rare and traditional art, crafts and narratives, creating contemporary accessories for its discerning patron. We have a wide range of Jewellery in various designs, colors and shapes for you and your loved ones. Aptil Jewelery is #1 brand with a versatile line of jewellery, complete sartorial companions to each and every man and woman.

At Aptil Jewelery, we truly understand the powerful language of fashion jewellery. as we believe fashionable jewellery always play an important and crucial role in a woman’s life - it always helps them to express herself, create her unique identity. She may be a mother, a teacher, a student, a coach or a doctor - but among all of them, the most important thing is she is always a woman who blooms under a little note of appreciation, and a gesture of respect for the identity of her own. We, at Aptil Jewelery always committed to becoming a women's 24x7 personal stylist at each and every important moment of life.

We Hold the handcrafted masterpieces collections from the forgotten pages of the country’s rich heritage. Each masterpiece created by a team of exceptional designers, crafts people. Aptil Jewelery features limited edition jewellery for those who know their style and willing to spark a new trend rather than just follow the old ones. Each piece of jewellery has been crafted exclusively from Aptil Jewelery. Not just the exquisite jewellery, the prices too will add a sparkle to your smile. Aptil Jewelery collection has the answer to everything.


We sell jewelry to all countries in the world, at the best prices, with excellent customer Service! you are must welcome to buy from us!



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