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Jewelry Trends for 2021

Get your wardrobe in order. Aptil has gathered some shopping ideas to help you get ready for spring and summer. Here are five jewelry trends that are sure to steal the show this year, from the runways to the high street. Take a look around!

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·        Stylish Drop Earrings

Don't worry if you liked the shoulder duster designer earrings that were all the trend last year. Drop earrings are expected to be common again this year, with a twist on older models. Sleeker designs pop of color, jewel tones, and semi-precious stones in the detailing are all things to consider. Great for adding a bit of glam to your spring and summer evenings.

·        Jewelry with Animal Prints

Animal prints, including flared jeans, are a fashion trend that isn't going anywhere anytime shortly. Big cat prints are likely to stay on store shelves for the rest of the year, and you can wear them with animal-themed jewelry. Cuffs and buttons with large cat motifs are available for men, and women can indulge their wild side with inspired jewelry such as pendants, charms, bracelets, and more.

·        Jewelry for Body

This year's top draw, the matha Patti or maang tika, will face stiff competition. Consider body jewelry that adorns your hips and knees, as well as your shoulders, limbs, and other body pieces. Consider charms and fine detailing on cross body chains, gold and pearl body chains that kiss your supple back, anklets that caress your well-groomed ankles, waist chains, thigh chains, and slave cuffs.

·        Flowers and Charms

This year shapes up to be a lovely one, with pretty details on all of the online jewelry you can wear. Enameled jewelry has been winning our hearts recently, and now charms on our wrists, anklets, and earrings are set to continue the trend. You're all set for 2021 if you add a bouquet to the trend.

After all, jewelry is a time capsule. It has the potential to catch the latest jewelry patterns or be passed down through the generations. If you prefer traditional or futuristic jewelry, the spring/summer jewelry trends of 2021 are sure to become BFF status in your life (as they run the whole gambit). Continue reading to find out which trends you'll want to wear in the spring but can get right now.

Statement jewelry isn't a new trend. Last spring, super-sized hoops were tall, and chunky chains dominated the runways for F/W 2020. However, by spring 2021, hardware, links, and hoops will have progressed even more and entered the oversized domain. Heavy metal jewelry parts reminiscent of hardware were seen on Victoria Beckham's runways to Hérmes, confirming that bigger is better next year (if your ear lobes can withstand it).

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Rings with Real Diamonds for Girlfriend

You've probably come here because you're looking for a ring to give to your girlfriend for Valentine's Day. We understand both the joy and pain of giving her a ring that symbolizes your relationship's seriousness. This blog post is for lovers, specifically for the boy who wants to please his girl and promise her.

Our team has compiled a list of affordable real gold and diamond rings to alleviate our discomfort, rings explicitly. You can select any ring from the list below, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. Your girlfriend would be blown away by the ring concept you have chosen. What more do you want? So, are you about to woo her with lovely rings now? All of the lovely rings shown below are from our Aptil Jewelry brand and are made of real gold and diamonds. You're just a mouse click away! Purchase a lovely ring for your girlfriend.

·         Ring of Bennie's Heart

When it comes to rings for your fiance or girlfriend for Valentine's Day gifts, rings with hearts are the way to go. All of the ingredients are in just the right amount in this budget-friendly dish.

·         Ring of the Crown

Queens wear crowns, and she is your queen. For the worthy girlfriend, this is a crown ring. This ring features a thin diamond band and a polished yellow gold crown in the middle. Isn't it beautiful? If you're looking for a pledge ring, this might be the best choice for you.

·         Delicately Brilliant Ring

This stunning two-toned ring is the epitome of feminine grace and elegance. The ring, which is made with elegant and delicate bends, would be an excellent addition to her range. Six Diamonds are arranged in the center, three of which mirror the arrangement of the other three.

·         Beautiful Love Ring

This lovely heart-shaped diamond ring is perfect for your girlfriend's first gift. It has two hearts, one small and diamond-studded, and the other serving as the ring's frame.

·         Curvilicious Diamond Heart Ring

For your girlfriend or particular person, a bubble heart ring. Something she will cherish for the rest of her life.

·         Isabel Ring with Interweaving

Is your girlfriend one of those people who is always the first to try out new styles? Whom does anyone turn to for fashion advice? If that's the case, then take our advice and purchase this one. With its calculated minimalism, it's one of the most common designs in today's period.

·         Tocco Hearts Ring

This list was compiled with great care and attention to detail. This ring, which you are about to see, is one of our all-time best-sellers, and for a good reason. See her heart melt like ice cream if you give her this.

·         Infinity Ring in a Dainty Style

The most well-known symbol for an eternal, infinitely strong bond is the infinity sign. Propose to be infinitely dedicated to loving her with this ring to convey the same message.

Thus, you will like all the rings at Aptil for your girlfriend. You can order it now at a reasonable price.






Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Every woman enjoys and takes pride in having a beautiful jewelry set. If you want to keep the luster and shine of your jewelry, whether it's your wedding ring or the beautiful pearl jewelry that your son purchased for you with his first paycheck, you'll need to store it properly. Jewelry that is stored haphazardly may be damaged or even lost accidentally. Continue reading to learn about some innovative and practical ways to organize your jewelry.

·         Assemble Them

By piling your jewelry, you will prevent breakage, underuse, and loss. Experiment with various stacking options. You may buy a primary earring holder and hang your earrings through the hooks. If you enjoy designing and experimenting, try making an earring caddy out of chicken wire. You can store your favorite dangly earrings in an old frame that has been lying around.

You may use decorative vases to hold your bracelets and bangles. A well-organized show of these vases can add an artistic touch to your space while still being readily available. Another environmentally friendly option is to up cycle those empty glass bottles in your kitchen. Stack your bangles and bracelets with them. The bottles will have a funky glass style that will add to the visual appeal.

·         With A Jewelry Box, You Can Go Back In Time

You can't go wrong with this tried-and-true storage system. To quickly recognize your baubles, invest in a decent jewelry box that is durable and has clear covers. So that your jewelry doesn't get tangled, look for a box with many different compartments. You may also purchase separate packages and organize your jewelry by occasion. Party-wear earrings, studs and minimalist jewelry, work-wear jewelry, and thick, chunky accessories fall into the ethnic-wear category.

·         Stick It to the Wall

Hang your necklaces individually on the wall to take advantage of walls' unused capacity and avoid clutter. To fit those funky, colorful necklaces, you can buy a ready-made wall hanger or strategically position some pushpins on your dressing area wall. Paint, patterned cloth, and hooks can also be used to personalize your jewelry cabinet. It will accommodate your necklaces, earrings, and stacks of bracelets. However, displaying your valuable jewelry articulated with precious stones and metal is not a good idea. It can tarnish the piece of jewelry and make it more likely to be lost.

·         Protect Your Favorite Beauties

If your jewelry is valuable in monetary or sentimental terms, it's always essential to keep your most valuable gems and jewelry secure and organized for special occasions. Ensure your exquisite ornaments, from beautiful emerald earrings to the regal ruby necklace, are kept separately to prevent laceration. If you have a vanity or a dresser, you can store these earrings in small jewelry boxes or drawstring jewelry bags. They should be stored in an excellent, dry location to avoid oxidation.

·         It Should Be Kept In a Drawer

Drawers aren't just for dresses and delicate; they can even be used to store your delicate and valuable jewelry. To avoid laceration, cover the drawers with velvet cloth or another soft material. It will not only offer you a sophisticated look, but the contrast will also make it easier for you to pick out your jewelry in a flash. Say goodbye to mismatched earrings, twisted necklaces, and bangles that have gone missing!

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